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Go the extra mile – it’s never crowded

 In our school system, in the primary and middle schools, they don’t give letter grades.

They give levels: Level 1, 2, 3, 4.

Level 1 is pretty much a fail. Level 2 is a bare minimum pass (but indicates a struggle). Level 3 indicates they have a good grasp of the topic. Level 4 is they have exceeded expecataions.

Since our kids were little, we have used the phrase, “Do more to get a 4.” Whenever our kids have a project, or are doing homework that we know they are not putting in great effort, that is what they hear from us. We have talked about the need for going above and beyond what the bare minimum is. You will gain much more (knowledge wise) out of your efforts, in addition to a better grade.

Isn’t that the truth in everything? In our relationships… how do we feel about people who do the “bare minimum”? Versus how do we feel about people who go “above and beyond? “

I feel the difference. I am SO grateful when I cross the path of someone who “does more.” They usually make such an impact in my life. It is always so appreciated, makes me feel so good, and usually deepens our connection.

Similarly, I feel the difference when I do more. There is a great connection, a greater sense of accomplishment, a greater knowledge, a greater feeling of love and compassion.

But doing that little extra is hard! Time consuming. It takes more energy, more investment, more compassion.

Or does it? Does it take THAT much more for us to go the extra mile?

My challenge to myself and to my family, as well as to YOU…go the extra mile. I think it is always worth it. But maybe put it to the test….


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  1. Love that quote and totally agree – always worth going the extra mile and working harder!!!
    With school we always tell our boys that it isn’t about the grade – it is about doing their best and putting forth their best effort!!!
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