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“Two things that define you: your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.”

(Oh boy, I’m very, very blessed, but I have no patience either. )

When Rob and I were away in the fall in the Outerbanks, we reflected on what a tough year it has been. Lots of troubles dealing with his ex, his heart attack and rehab, work challenges for both of us, and then challenges with kids and other family members. It has not been an easy year.

Yet, this year, has also been amazing.

We talked about how this year has really tested us and demanded that we look to being patient and prayerful. It has also required us to try to keep up a positive attitude.

Life has a funny way of dishing out challenges that will force you to work on your patience and attitude, so I guess we better get used to it, and just keep working at it.


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