Year in a Glance – 2014

2014 was certainly an eventful one. So many things that I never want to forget, but so many things I don’t think I’ll want to remember. But you can’t have the good without the bad…so I’ll mix them all in!

Rob and I were sealed on March 8th

Rob had his heart attack on March 13th

Gabe’s 16 trip to Munich, Salzburg and Venice (Was ist Das??? Wilhelm Redpants?)

St George, Lake Powell and Las Vegas! Pool time, card games, water skiing, tubing, hikes, camp fires, smelly bathrooms, aqua dumps, starlight sleeps, rainy night, speedy and chief, Swig, canyon hikes, sunsets and sunrises, limo ride, shopping, light and fire shows, lazy river, Hoover dam, casinos…

Cousin time and lots of games!

Soccer, baseball, soccer, soccer, soccer

Changing soccer teams

Starting soccer teams

Dance recital

Soccer camps, photography camps, tool camps, volleyball camp, girls leadership camp

Photography Shoots

Still not finished Parvana’s Journey

Conference talks FHE

Outerbanks for Rob and Leah

Skiing in Utah

Many, many stitches for Josh

Hearing loss for Leah

Ridiculous waste of money on lawyer’s fees

Swim lessons

School sports: soccer, volleyball, basketball

Band concerts and band trip

School trips

Youth Leadership camp

YM camp

Ym Presidency


Gilmore Girls cont’d, Amazing Race, The Bachelor


Detroit boys weekend and Auto Show

Phenomenal Girl’s weekend

Leah is a published author: Motherhood Realized

Dates (we need to do more of those…and bring back our surprise dinners!)


Later bedtimes

Housecleaning and more chores

Scriptures in morning

Christmas baking

Growing love for Reggie

Candy cards

Valentine’s dinner and book (served with lawyer’s letter this year)

Quote of the Week


Weekend with the Gossets

Babysitting jobs (Zach and Zandra)

First job for Gabe

Aged at 27!

Walk, walk, walk, run, weights



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  1. I was a little sad at first that you were posting less in 2014, but then I realized that your posts were still chock full of goodness. It’s quality, and not quantity.
    So glad we’re still blogging friends! You’ve had quite the year and I know you count your blessings often.
    Gorgeous family.
    Tamara recently posted…No More Looking Back.My Profile

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