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“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

What do you get when you have two biological brothers 18 months apart, who have some very similar interests (and share the same life routine of travelling back and forth between their two homes?)

Some serious competition.

I mean, serious.

Zach and Josh have always been really competitive from a young age. They seem to have a love/hate relationship.

I remember seeing it in the first few months of their relationship.

Zach carefully stroking his “Baby Josh”, as we affectionately called him, while Josh was asleep. What a beautiful moment. I pulled the camera out just in time to catch a picture of the tender moment of a 19 month old, caring for his 1 month old baby. Seconds later Zach was trying to roll Josh off the bed….

Then I have the fantastic video of Josh sitting in his little vibrating chair and Zach playing the cutest game of peek-a-boo with him. I got it all on tape! Darling! Including when Zach tried to hold the blanket over Josh’s face much longer and suffocate him….(ok, granted, the kid cried non stop for 10 months).

And so the sibling rivalry started.

Those were the good old days when it was only Zach you had to watch out for. When Josh became mobile and verbal – watch out!!

He was a destructor of anything his brother made.

Yet, I must also very carefully paint the other side of the picture: they are the sweetest, kindest, most caring, loving brothers at other times.

I know the love is there. I know that deep down they would do anything for each other.

But right now?  The competitiveness is out of control!

I thought this quote would be perfect for us to focus on this week. This year. Maybe always.

I think I’ll make them memorize it.

Then they can argue about who memorized it better. Or faster. Or who’s idea it was to memorize it in the first place. Then I can tell them to stop fighting about it. And they can argue about who started fighting first. Who’s willing to stop fighting about it….

Just bloom. Please. Bloom.


Quote of the Week — 10 Comments

  1. I have a twin brother and you better believe that we (at least on my part) were always competing!! He beat me by 10 points on the SAT but I was 4th while he was 6th in our graduating class!!!
    I think that quote is something we could all stand to remember! I know when I first started blogging I really struggled with the comparison trap and feeling the need to compete with other bloggers – I had to let go of that in order to truly love blogging!
    Kim recently posted…What’s Your Hardcore?My Profile

    • Oh blogging can certainly make you feel that way! Such a slippery slope. I always remind myself the purpose of my blog and it really is all about me:))

  2. I love that quote so so much!!! My kids are constantly on each other competing for attention, and constantly barking about the other. It is sooooo difficult to balance the two out and keep the peace around here! Like yours though, they have such loving hearts for each other and others ‘when they want to’…

    Chris Carter recently posted…1000 Voices Speak…For CompassionMy Profile

  3. I fought like crazy with my sister, and we are 3 years apart. Not really competitive though, given our age difference. My kids don’t butt heads much at all – I think it’s a girl/boy thing. Whatever it is, I’ll take it!
    Dana recently posted…Six thousand goodnightsMy Profile

    • I do think the difference in gender is huge! Have two kids side by side of the same sex brings about some different issues…. Different issues. There are always issues, right?!

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