Heading to Cape Town

Rise and shine at 4:45am again. Looking forward to tomorrow when we can sleep in until 7am!

We landed early morning and had a full day ahead of us!

IMG_3149 IMG_3146 IMG_3143

This is the first thing you see on your way into Cape Town; some townships. Many don’t have running water, but many have satellite dishes.

IMG_3170 IMG_3163


Driving to our guesthouse – this was the view:


We went to the guest house and dropped our bags, and then headed off to the Cape Town Soccer Stadium. There we had a short tour (they didn’t offer the regular tours today as they were taking down the stage from a concert the night before). The boys were happy with it.

DSC02595 DSC02598 DSC02600 DSC02601 DSC02609 DSC02613 DSC02617 DSC02621IMG_3198 IMG_3195 IMG_3194 IMG_3192

We made our way to the V&A waterfront and rode the Ferris wheel to get the views – very beautiful!

DSC02622 DSC02627 DSC02631 DSC02635 DSC02639 DSC02640 DSC02642 DSC02648IMG_3199 IMG_3201 IMG_3203 IMG_3234

We wandered around and watched some seals, watched the swing gate open and saw some of the landmarks there (Noble Square, Clock tower).

IMG_3315 IMG_3240 IMG_3225DSC02660 DSC02662 DSC02669 DSC02674 DSC02678 DSC02680 DSC02691 DSC02694 DSC02697 DSC02699 DSC02707

I thought this was pretty funny:


We took the 3pm tour to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years . It was a great tour, and very humbling to have the tour led by an ex political prisoner. We all learned a lot.

DSC02712DSC02761 DSC02756IMG_3291 IMG_3252 IMG_3250

The views of Cape Town from Robben Island were quite pretty:

IMG_3257DSC02745 DSC02744 DSC02735 DSC02733 DSC02731 DSC02720

This was a typical view – everyone taking pictures (on their camera or phones….)^^^

It got super cold on our way back on the ferry, so we decided to grab dinner right at the waterfront. We were worried it was a total tourist trap, but wanted to warm up! We found a great little pizza and pasta place (we were all craving pasta!) and had a really nice dinner before making our way back to our guest house.

We got everyone ready, and then Rob found a spider. Rob is not good with spiders and this was a biggie. I’m usually ok with them – but it was big for me and I was tired! So, Rob told Zach he’d pay him $10 to get rid of the spider. Zach managed to get the giant spider covered with a glass. Gabe filmed the whole thing and it is totally hilarious! We are such chickens!!

Tomorrow we head out on a tour with a private guide – looking forward to it!



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