I didn’t even do it

First client of the day.

I sat down with my client, pulled his file out, engaged in some small chit chat, then went to put my phone on silent, when a text buzzed in.

I don’t usually respond to texts when I am with a client, but I happened to see it was from one of my boys, so I glanced at it.

It started with:

“If u get an email from Ms XYZ, i didn’t even do it…”

Yeah. Great.

I told my client, apologetically, I had to respond. My client was very gracious, told me to even call my son, “because I want to hear this!!”

I didn’t call but there was a slew of texts back and forth leaving me feeling a little puzzled with what the actual story was… I can’t wait to hear it in more detail.

I shared the text with Rob, who of course was laughing and then he cheered me up with this little video.

It seems I’m not the only one with a kid who seems to find trouble: Check it out


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