Winelands and Table Mountain

Although we are not wine drinkers, we can certainly appreciate the stunning landscape of the wine regions.

We headed out early this morning to visit the town of Stellenbosch and then its neighboring town of Franschoek.

Firstly, we passed by some townships on our way out of Cape Town.

IMG_3450 IMG_3452 IMG_3454 IMG_3455 IMG_3456

Then we started heading into the mountains and got some of these views:

IMG_3465DSC03053 DSC03055 DSC03057 DSC03059 DSC03062

Stunning is all I can say.

We walked through Stellenbosch, enjoying the Old Europe feel to this town.

DSC03025 DSC03047 DSC03044 DSC03043 DSC03033 DSC03029 DSC03026

Just outside of Franschoek there was a motor museum with an extremely rare private car collection. Rob took the boys there and he was in heaven. Zandra and I tried to just walk the grounds, but were stopped by security so we just hung out in the lobby and bought some tasty home baking from the lobby shop.

DSC03070 DSC03076 DSC03074 DSC03072IMG_3467IMG_5359 IMG_5419 IMG_5412 IMG_5397 IMG_5391

We would have loved to have stopped to have lunch at one of the gorgeous cafes in Franschoek, but at this stage in our journey our kids are getting a bit unruly (fighting, bickering, teasing, taunting) and our patience is slim (it was a rough day overall).

DSC03086 DSC03084

So, we opted not to have the frustrating experience of enjoying a lovey café meal with them. Rather, we stopped at the side of the highway and had lunch at Wimpys. I didn’t bother to take a picture. What I really needed a picture of was how many free candies my kids took on their way out of the restaurant.

We finally made our way to Table Mountain – one of the top things to do in Cape Town. The mountain, well, it looks like a table top! There is a gondola that you take up – but sometimes it is closed due to high winds, so we were happy it was open and relatively clear to see the views.

DSC03098 DSC03092DSC03112IMG_3468

The views were spectacular. Breathtaking! I am totally aware that from this point on I am posting waaaaayyyyy too many pictures, but I can’t help it. It was truly beautiful.

IMG_3492 IMG_3491 IMG_3487 IMG_3485 IMG_3482 IMG_3481

^^ Yes, totally not us climbing that mountain…

IMG_3480 IMG_3479 IMG_3478 IMG_3475

^^Not us either. I like to use Rob’s heart attack as the reason we would never be allowed to do this sort of thing. That’s the only reason.

IMG_3469DSC03147 DSC03143 DSC03142 DSC03141 DSC03139 DSC03134 DSC03133 DSC03131

Shaun finally made an appearance – even though he was with us the whole time.

DSC03130 DSC03126 DSC03124 DSC03122 DSC03116

The clouds were moving so fast and we got rolled into several of them! It was freezing up there!

We walked along the path as far as you could go. It really was stunning. We all wanted to take similar poses ( I like having the kids pose individually even if it is the same pose, as I use it in their individual Valentine albums). I have to give Zach credit too, many of these photos are his:)

DSC03157 DSC03209 DSC03207 DSC03205 DSC03199 DSC03196 DSC03190 DSC03189 DSC03185 DSC03181 DSC03177

^^ Take it fast! It’s really windy!!

DSC03173 DSC03170 DSC03168 DSC03166 DSC03163 DSC03161 DSC03160 DSC03159IMG_3502 IMG_3531

^^ Have I said anything about Gabe’s boots yet? Well, as we were leaving, heading through the Toronto airport, I noticed Gabe was wearing these big boots. He informed me those were the only “shoes” he brought. I was ** this ** close to freaking out – but figured, it’s his feet. He wore those dang boots everywhere – even in the heat. We chuckled every time we saw him. But apparently we have no style. We’ll discuss this again in 20 years when he looks at the pictures…Although they look perfectly normal hiking today. But the other days, in the heat?!?!?

IMG_3520 IMG_3515 IMG_3510 IMG_3509 IMG_3508IMG_5472

^^Umm Zach. It sort of looks like you are about to push Josh. I’m guessing that is the next step. Then a fight happens. Then Zach would deny everything. He certainly likes to instigate and now I have the proof in photo.

IMG_5501 IMG_5494

^^Standing in the clouds!

IMG_5485 IMG_5484 IMG_5483

After waiting in the freezing cold to take the gondola back, we got in our absolutely perfect parking spot (the absolute closest spot to the gate; avoiding the 20-30 minute walk up hill from the main parking at the front entrance – small things that make you happy) and headed back to crash.

The kids played in the pool while Rob and I chilled in the hammocks and read. As I mentioned, the kids were getting a bit unruly, so many little fights ensued.

(I sometimes can’t stand how badly my kids treat each other. I got so seriously mad at one of them, that I threw him into the pool. Yup. I was mad. It wasn’t a cute, funny kind of throw into the pool…it was a full, “I’m fed up” throw into the pool (but very deserved))

They can be cute when they are playing like this though. So I’ll put a picture in to make it seem like this is what they are always like:


We rested a bit more and I ended up watching another glorious sunset before we headed back to the V&A Waterfront to our same little Café Alfredo (which I forgot to get a pic of) and enjoyed another yummy meal.


DSC03215DSC03218DSC03237 DSC03236

^^On our way to the waterfront for dinner. Can you see the moon and star (or planet!) It was just gorgeous!


Tomorrow is our last day. We are heading to the beach….


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  1. These might have been some of my favorite pictures from the entire trip!! I loved the beauty even though the height sort of freaked me out and I’m home in my living room:)
    Understandable that the fighting is increasing – everyone is tired.
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