Happy 14th Birthday Zandra! 

Someone has a birthday today! 

But that someone is not here 🙁

Zandra and Zach left at 6:30 this morning for a school trip to Quebec City. They were super excited to go. 

  (Backpacks they had to bring)

I ordered a special sunrise for her birthday that we saw as we drove to school:) 

  Last night we celebrated with a birthday dinner, strawberry shortcake and presents:


I sent Zach with all the stuff for her candy poster (he was to give her them individually throughout the day and at night she gets a picture of what it looks like all put together):

She had a busy birthday weekend too as the kids went to youth conference and had a great time.

So we didn’t see much of her but what better way to spend your 14th birthday then with fun and friends!

14 things I love about Zandra:

1. Best hugger. Always willing, a big tight squeeze!

2. Huge heart! Just so kind:)

3. There is this awesome innocence about her. Love her spirit and her soul.  

4. Great dancer! She can move!

5. Puts good effort into everything.

6. Very thoughtful – thinks of others, considers their feelings.

7. Fantastic with hair, nails, makeup. 

8. Great soccer defense

9. Zest for life! Enthusiastic, energetic, positive, optimistic.

10. Very artistic. Great talent!

11. Loves her doggie:) So good with animals.

12. Loves her Dadio and loves hugging him, hanging  off him and doing silly voices with him. 

13. Strong values and integrity

14. Funny girl. Great sense of humour. Loves to laugh. Awesome laugh! 

And a million more things!

Love you Sweet Pea! Happy Birthday! 



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