Although bad timing due to some ongoing issues with Rob’s family, we had traded our time share a while back for our solo vacation, and headed off to the beaches of Jamaica.

The purpose of this trip was to do nothing. Nothing. 

Happy to say we succeeded.

We read, slept, talked, walked, swam, snuggled, stared at the horizon, laughed, ate, drank, rested, relaxed, watched mindless TV, listened to music and competed in our own little reading challenge. We occasionally talked to others when forced too. We always enjoyed our texts and FaceTime calls with our kids:)

Rob occasionally had some work things to do, I kept up on some email, we worked on a few written projects, and Rob had to field a few calls from the hospital where his Dad is currently.

It was a slow vacation. I’m not sure I’ve ever had that? “What time is it?”, “10am”, “Really? It feels like it should be lunch!”

All in all, it was just what we needed.

I didn’t pull my big camera out once, but took some photos on my phone to at least capture that we were there…(as did Rob so I took some from his phone too:).





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