Happy 10th Birthday Sam!

And he enters the double digits…. so exciting!! No more single digit children:(

But how did it happen?

Gabe was younger than Sam when we first merged our lives! Wow.

This year he celebrated his birthday with his friends over at his Mom’s house where he went with some school buddies to watch Jurassic Park.

Over here, we had a nice birthday breakfast with both him and Gabe yesterday.  Today, we had a special dinner for our little guy (after our traditional candy card and gifts in our gift chair) – and enjoyed buying him some lego – probably the last year we are going to be buying “toys”….

DSC03769 DSC03774 DSC03777 DSC03778 DSC03784 DSC03788 DSC03790 DSC03795

What can I say about what I love about Sam?

1. He is so enthusiastic and positive

2. He has a strong presence when he enters a room

3. He is a very smart little guy

4. He is still insistent on saying his standard prayers right before he sleeps ensuring no bad dreams, no houses catch on fire and no thunder and lightning storms (so so cute)

5. He is becoming quite the little soccer player!

6. He is a very agreeable guy : agreeable to eat anything, do anything, play anything

7. He’s a good leader – everybody loves to be with Sam!

8. His hearty laugh – and smile!

9. His strong spirit and how teachable he is

10. His love of cars and planes – just like his Dad and his big bro

We love you Sam wee. Stop growing though!!! Happy 10th Birthday!




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