Happy 14th Birthday Zach

I can’t believe another year has gone by, but here we are… Zach is turning 14 today!

Just like little babies change week by week, I have to say, I think teenagers change week by week too.

You never know who you are going to get! Sometimes he’s still that sweet little guy, and sometimes it feels as if I am talking to a full grown adult!

Zach had a low key day today for his birthday (which sort of goes well with his recent low key, chill attitude which presents itself often while he is lying on the couch, texting friends and eating cereal). He went to his first day of photography camp (and loved it), decided to skip soccer practice, watched some netflix and then we ordered Chinese. Of course he got his candy poster and his favourite ice cream cake too:)

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Tomorrow all the kids will be here for the night, so we will celebrate family style. We are heading to our local park to have a bonfire (there’s a place you can reserve for a bonfire there that I just found out about!) and roast some hot dogs and make some smores.

Here are the 14 things I love most about my boy:

1. His sense of humour. He is totally a funny guy!

2. His passion for soccer and the athlete that he is. He is a such a good captain on his soccer team.

3. His drive and commitment to things. He is a hard worker and wants to do well – in school, in sports, in everything.

4. His incessant need for tickles – it makes us all laugh as even though it can be so annoying, it’s actually pretty funny.

5. His knowledge. He picks stuff up and soaks it all in.

6. His sense of loyalty and his sense of family. He is a family guy. He is a good brother and a good son.The other day he took Sam along with him for the day of playing soccer with his friends! That’s a nice bro.

7. His absolute love of travel. Totally a kid after my own heart.

8. His desire to share details. Even though he is becoming more of a teen, he still wants to share.

9. His spirit and strength – his ability to recognize and find thin moments.

10. His ability to set and work towards goals.

11. His photography skills and creative side.

12. His sense of style. Don’t mess with his hair, and you can always count on his advice on what you are wearing (and it’s good advice!)

13. His love and enthusiasm of nature: one of the reasons I love travelling with him.

14. His attention to detail and willingness to share the details (when he is in the mood!)

So happy to be his Mom and so proud of everything that he is and is becoming.

Love you always more!!




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