Monthly Snaps of Life

Ok – well this is more than one month. And sadly, this is only a fraction of what really happened. Every time I do a monthly snap I vow to start taking more random pics on my iPhone – as I love looking back and remembering the real moments that make up our life!


Josh went to a bubble soccer party


Heading out to a Youth dance; Zandra’s first one!!:

IMG_5824 IMG_5826 IMG_5830

Yard work. Such hard workers we have…ha! (although they did do the work:)

IMG_5835 IMG_5836 IMG_5837

Reggie’s constant desire to play:


Youth temple trip. Josh’s first time:


After the trip we all went to McDonald’s.

IMG_5874 IMG_5875

Reggie hiding under our pillows – he thinks we won’t notice…

IMG_5878 IMG_5881

Sam had a folk dance festival:


The school Spring Fair:

IMG_5893 IMG_5896 IMG_5898

Josh after church. Doesn’t want to waste time getting undressed inside:


Best part about soccer every night is the gorgeous sky:


Zach’s new backpack:


Typical playfighting:


My tired boys:


Handsome boy in the bow tie:



Robbie’s Birthday:


IMG_6030 IMG_6034

Lots of smiles as Sam signed Rob’s card with his full name (first and last!!):

IMG_6039 IMG_6040 IMG_6042


Heading to a soccer tournament in New Jersey – only pic I got (he went with his team and his Dad met them there)


Zandra and Zach’s school market (Zandra made lipgloss and Zach had a mini putt station)

IMG_6066 IMG_6068

Out for dinner with the big kids. They then headed off for the evening downtown. I love how they are siblings and friends!

IMG_6071 IMG_6077

Rob’s extended family had a party in Kingston; Sam was spoiled with some crab – his fave


Father’s Day:

IMG_6083 IMG_6086 IMG_6088 IMG_6092 IMG_6095

Father’s day nap after a trip to walk on the beach


Family party in Kingston (oops – wrong order:))

IMG_6125 IMG_6126


So those are some glimpses of April, May and June!

On to July!


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