First Day of School

Is it possible that we have THREE highschoolers, ONE middle schooler and only ONE left in elementary?

Yup. Sadly. Time marches on and it doesn’t stop as you can see in these back to school posts.

But, truth be told, as sad as I am that they age, every stage is truly awesome (and truly terrible, depending on the day you ask me).

We woke up to rain on our first day, which made me super sad as that meant for the first time in YEARS we couldn’t do our traditional stair picture:( No one wanted to sit on wet stairs?!?!? So we improvised, and I guess it turned out ok. But the humidity certainly was terrible to MY hair (waste of time straightening it!!).

Everyone else looks smashing in my opinion though!

DSC04379Entering Grade 7 – starting a new school (middle school) ^^^DSC04391Tradition is Josh always does a funny pose, but said his stomach was hurting, so this was the pose I got ^^^DSC04403Grade 5! Last one still in elementary school ^^^DSC04407

Grade 9 – Starting high school! ^^^DSC04424

Grade 12 – last year of high school!^^^DSC04432

Choose the right Zach  ^^^DSC04437

Grade 9 – first day of high school ^^^DSC04439

His mug shot (can you tell he was being goofy …just thought I’d capture that side of him here) ^^^DSC04447DSC04451 DSC04463 DSC04468 DSC04477 DSC04479 DSC04481 DSC04483 DSC04484 DSC04494

I tried to get some pics of the all leaving and I can tell you they were ANNOYED!!! But, whatever:)) —>DSC04497 DSC04504

Best buds since grade 2^^^ His Mom moved just across the street from us in the Spring and they have been loving the convenience of walking to school and just hanging out whenever they have some free time! Can you tell Zach’s face is “I’m going to kill you, Mom”!! Luckily his buddy knows me well enough to indulge me with these pics:)DSC04513 DSC04517

Off they’re off (chauffeured by Rob today since it was raining and they were now late because of my photos:) Otherwise they make the 30 min walk to school.

Here’s hoping for a great year!



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  1. We’re having a day like that today and my hair is a fright. I think I’ll wear a hat if I go out.
    I don’t know if I ever knew you had two the exact same grade. So cool. My brother and sister are only two weeks apart but she skated in right before our October 1st deadline and got into kindergarten a year before my brother did with his October 4th deadline.
    It was always confusing!
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