Quote of the week 

“Loose gravel will slow you down just as much as a big boulder

I love this quote as it’s  a little reminder that the little things do matter. 

In fact, the little things can make all  the difference – for good and bad. 

As we start a new school year, it’s the opportunity to focus on all the little things now at the beginning of the year. I’m trying to convince my kids that it’s the listening in class, note taking, doing daily homework, reading the readings and reviewing work that will help make all the difference. Not just the giant test at the end. 

It’s the daily I love you’s, thoughtful text messages, kisses and hugs, small expressions of gratitude and appreciation, and meaningful apologies for small things that contribute to the foundation of a solid relationship.  Yes, the “big” and “wow” factor things are great, but the small things are really the things that hold it all together. 

Likewise poor choices around small things can lead to bigger challenges down the road. A degree of difference is not immediately a big deal, but follow its course and you could wind up finding yourself way off where you intended. 

Yes, small things do matter.


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