More soccer and a bit of touring in Segovia, Spain

On Tuesday the boys went the Atletico Spanish FA training facility for training. We wandered around a bit and visited some outlets before watching them continue to train.

DSC05102 DSC05103 DSC05113

After lunch, we heading to the small town La Granja where we had a traditional Spanish lunch. The kids were grossed out by the egg in the soup, but Josh loved his suckling pig.

DSC05119 DSC05125

We then wandered around some gardens of the local Palacio Real (beautiful with the fall leaves changing). Josh was getting annoyed with all the pics I was taking – but we worked out a compromise: he would walk up ahead with his friends, but when he saw a spot he knew I’d want to take a pic of, he’d stop to let me take a shot. Luckily he keeps his eyes out for photo ops:)

DSC05142 DSC05145 DSC05148 DSC05149 DSC05150

It was a little chilly so I had layered up, hence why I look like a giant puff ball!^^^


DSC05153 DSC05155

Most of the boys and girls teams ^^^


DSC05159 DSC05161 DSC05163 DSC05165

Can you see how he is sarcastically smiling in these pictures – humouring me:)


DSC05168 DSC05170 DSC05172

Then he had enough (I was teasing him a lot!) ^^^

DSC05175 DSC05178 DSC05179 DSC05180

Isn’t this the most gorgeous bathroom ever?? ^^^

DSC05183 DSC05185

We continued on the bus to the little town of Segovia where we walked the streets and explored the amazing Alcazar castle.

DSC05194 DSC05198 DSC05203 DSC05205

So funny to see this swarm of kids in green jackets on these tiny streets! ^^^

DSC05208 DSC05211 DSC05213 DSC05216 DSC05219 DSC05221 DSC05223 DSC05225 DSC05230

We both thought this looked a bit like Africa! ^^^

DSC05233 DSC05238

With his coach ^^^



The castle was very cool, and then we climbed up the tower (the very narrow stairwell!) It was incredible, with unreal views.

DSC05252 DSC05253 DSC05259 DSC05260 DSC05263 DSC05275 DSC05280 DSC05293 DSC05295 DSC05300 DSC05305 DSC05311 DSC05312 DSC05321

We headed back into town and saw the famous Roman Aqueduct. I wish we had more time to explore that gorgeous town. A return visit for sure!

DSC05324 DSC05327 DSC05337 DSC05343 DSC05350 DSC05358 DSC05371 DSC05372 DSC05373 DSC05376 DSC05383 DSC05387 DSC05393 DSC05396

We headed back and Christine and I, exhausted, laughed and laughed about nothingness until we cried. Loved travelling with her!

Dinner at the hotel again where Josh hogged all the strawberry ice-cream (claiming he was a dealer and dealing it out when requested). Wish I had a pic! Hilarious that kid.

What was also hilarious is that his whole team call him by his last name. Some people even asked who “Josh” was when I called him! I had to resort to calling him by his last name sometimes too!!

I was glad we had decided that he would sleep in my room, as by now, most kids who had parents there were sleeping with their parents to try to get a good night sleep! (Even though coach Marko had strict rules and curfews, which the boys followed, but were still exhausted with all the training)


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