Last Day – Toledo

On Saturday we headed to the beautiful Toledo – about an hour away from Madrid. I wish we had had more time there. It’s really hard with a big group.

DSC05760 DSC05762 DSC05765 DSC05767 DSC05769 DSC05772 DSC05773 DSC05775 DSC05779

I told Josh to make sure he took a few pics of the group of parents so we could make sure to get a good one. He was hilarious and just kept taking them. I thought this series was pretty funny:



DSC05788 DSC05789 DSC05790 DSC05791 DSC05794 DSC05795 DSC05796 DSC05797 DSC05798 DSC05799

We went to a sword making metal shop, and then walked into the main square.

DSC05815 DSC05816 DSC05820 DSC05822 DSC05825 DSC05829 DSC05831 DSC05834 DSC05835 DSC05840 DSC05843

We ended up branching off again and went for a pasta/pizza lunch – which was really good and we really enjoyed ourselves.

DSC05847 DSC05850 DSC05853 DSC05861 DSC05863 DSC05865 DSC05866

We then went and toured the amazing cathedral – it really was spectacular. I wish we had time to visit the famous synagogue and mosque – next time!

DSC05872 DSC05875 DSC05879 DSC05881 DSC05883 DSC05888 DSC05892

We had some souvenirs to buy, and Josh munched on their famous marzipan, then we headed back. Way too quick!

DSC05811DSC05903 DSC05897DSC05803

Our final dinner was at the hotel and we headed up relatively early to pack for our early flight home. Here the boys are thanking their coach:


It was a jammed packed trip – and completely exhausting! But, it certainly was a trip Josh (and I) will remember forever! So glad to have had this very special opportunity with him.


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