Quote of the Week

“You may not be doing anything bad, but are you doing anything good?”

It’s easy to fall into this mode of operation.

Right now with 3 (and soon to be 4) teens in our home, I’m just happy that they aren’t falling into the “doing something bad” category!

But as a parent, I do want them to be more proactive and try to do something good. Make an effort to do something good. Go out of their way to do something good.

Technology is such a big topic in our house, and I think this quote speaks to it here too. I don’t think my kids are surfing inappropriate things, but I do think it is a big time suck and that time can be used more productively.

So, my challenge to them (and to both Rob and I because we fall into the same trap) is to make sure this week we go out of our way to ensure “good things” are happening. That we are making an effort to “do good” and not just giving a sigh of relief that we aren’t bad.


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