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Oh boy I’m behind in everything! I figured before Christmas Eve, I’d try to catch up on all the activities these past couple of months. Unfortunately, my iPhone was glitching so photos are few and far between, but I finally had to succumb to a new one — which means I now can get back to taking some more pictures as truly I’ve been pathetic these past few months! (My computer is glitching too so the order of pics is getting messed up too! Argh!

Here’s what I got:

Meet our cousin Josh!

Rob helping him get ready:)

Josh and his friends heading out for Halloween! ^^

Saturday night soccer

We skipped school for the day and drove to Montreal to go to the temple open house. We also got some poutine:)

Lovin’ Reggie

These two are binge watching Netflix all the time; this is a usual scene:)

Cookie Making time…


Sam had his school “winter” concert

We visited Rob’s Dad in the hospital and brought some Christmas cheer and an early Christmas dinner

Love this pic of Rob and his Dad

Rob with his Mom, Dad and sister

Who said kids are still old for Santa? At our church Christmas party.(Zandra and a friend from church)


The kids have been ignoring Quiet Elfie this year (they seem to be too cool for some things…) so he has been trying to escape everyday. However, the kids aren’t happy he is trying to escape (with some pine cones, no less)!

Reggie somehow knows his Christmas present is in that blue bag!! (It’s a new ball:)) He’s been hanging out like this for days!

Rob and I went to the temple for the last time this year

My car was broken into one Saturday morning. They pulled everything out of the glove box and compartments. What a disappointment for them to just find all my “family” cds! lol

Found these cutie pics of Zach and Josh — they loved soccer even back then!




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