Rob’s Christmas Poem

As per tradition, Rob write a poem that he read on Christmas Eve that captures all the highlights of our year:


2015 a look back we go
As Christmas is here without any snow!

The CDF clan a little wiser, a little older,
Another great year for our memory folder

From the start it was clear this year would be dear
So without fear and without delay, I will begin my foray

March was the month for our biggest venture,
A trip to the centre of gold and wild adventure

We stopped one time along the way, saw the Queen and Big Ben, but couldn’t stay
We had a nice chap show us the way, and made a short video, might have spoiled his day (London Magical Tours!!)

Then off we went to the city of gold,
A little hotel amongst the busy fold

It had a wall and dog so cute,
Then off on the road in out Toyota what a hoot!!

On the road we felt a little strange, a place so foreign we weren’t sure we would belong
Sit back now, I fear this may go long!

Pezulu was our stop number one, with zebras and tree houses so cool we all did a double take, but soon enough we saw it was real,
Including and little green snake that made Zandra squeal

A meal, burning embers, a night to remember
Off on the trail none with distemper

Off in a jeep like 7 little sheep
We hoped the lions would just stay asleep

We weren’t really ready for what lay ahead
The wonder and beauty of Mother natures homestead

And go we did on to Gomo Gomo An idyllic spot if there ever was, Dean the bush and Leopards to chase Elephants so close nearly face to face

On to Elephant Plains and some more wild beasts and we continue the fable
Then on the the Cape and the big Table

Home from the trip of a lifetime we went for some Jamaican fun in the sun!

A couple graduations (minor 9ers!! And middle school cool) and birthdays too
We had lots planned for the summer that’s true!!

But quite by surprise and to our wonder too
A baptism gift for the CDF crew

Then on to camps and YLC too,
Spiritual greatness and wonderful Nauvoo

Wrapped up the solstice in the Outerbanks
Sunsets and beaches to refill the tanks

Back to school and on to the fall
Into the busiest run of them all

The three head off to see Utah the grand
BYU brochure in hand

Then Leah the soccer mom headed to Madrid
Josh training with Marko the coach, learn to attack, they really did

Home again and ready for snow but sure enough who would know no cold, no ice
Nothing but warm weather, nice!

And now I have spent all the words I had and need to end
New Year festivities around the bend

So with that I say Merry Christmas and love to all
Now let’s get on with it and have a ball!

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