My non swearing boy

Zach had a detention the other day. I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing; I mean, he is quite a character. I need to capture this stuff.

Zach has forever been a kid that teachers either love or hate. And I mean LOVE or HATE.

Zach reminded me the other day that apparently I told him that he’s allowed having teachers call home twice each semester before he gets in trouble (from me). Really? I said that? It might have been in a moment of desperation where I couldn’t take it anymore?

At any rate, since Christmas, we have had only one call. From the same teacher that called last semester twice. I think she actually loves to hate him, but also hates that she loves him.

He decided to share with me that he had a detention from another teacher the other day.

The teacher had asked to see him after school. Of course, he’s never just going to say, “ok”. He asked “Why? What did I do?” She went on to tell him he knew what he did. He insisted he didn’t, so she reminded him that he has a loud voice and she could hear him very clearly, and she heard him swear. So, he was getting a detention for swearing loudly in class.

Zach said everyone in the class started arguing with her, saying, “Zach does not swear.” He is a grade 9 kid that does not swear. He’s pretty proud of it too. So all the kids told the teacher she had been mistaken…. the teacher’s response?

“Well, I’m sure he’s done something to deserve a detention.”


Says it all.

Although… I do have  a bit of problem with this whole line of discipline….

First of all, don’t many kids swear, like every second word? Do all these kids get detentions? Somehow I think not.

And should teachers be giving out detentions “because I’m sure he deserved it at some point?”

Anyhow, I’m not interfering. He needs to learn how to manage these things himself, and needs to learn that if the teacher has that impression, she might be getting it from somewhere so he better do a bit of self reflection.

But I was pretty happy and proud that he has made a choice not to swear and that he has stuck with it and is is known as the non-swearing guy. I like that it has become part of his character and reputation. I like that he knows he can choose to create himself:)

I just wish he would make a choice to be a kid who’s teacher never calls home….


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  1. That last line made me smile, but still as a former teacher I agree with you that I never gave detention to my middle schoolers for swearing as I probably could have given my whole class this at some point or another sadly. That said I like that you are letting him handle this himself, but still the teacher’s rational really wasn’t very convincing to me to be honest.
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