Life changes all in one week…

As Rob and I had some lunch today, I commented how it had been a big week.

It’s funny how in an average week, little things can happen that can change the direction of our whole life. Or start us off on a new adventure. Or signify a new stage.

Zach started his ref course for his first job refereeing soccer this summer. As I dropped him off, I remembered taking him to his first soccer program (that of course he didn’t want to go to. I use this all the time when he argues how parents shouldn’t force their kids to do stuff – they should let them choose. Really? Had I let you choose back then, you wouldn’t be in soccer! Free agency is important, yes, but sometimes parents need to just push a little bit harder when they know it will be beneficial.) Anyhow, I was a bit nostalgic about where the time went. I was also nostalgic when he headed to a party last night and filled me in on some stories later on. Where does time go??

Gabe received his first acceptance into University this week too. The letter arrived and on the outside it said, “Drumroll please” so I figured it must be an acceptance (or that would have been extremely cruel), but it was exciting to watch him open it and start to dream about different possibilities. It’s an exciting and very scary time! Each option lays out a whole bunch of different opportunities that will bring him down drastically different paths. Not that one path is better than the other, but each path will create a whole different life for him!

After 11 years at the same company, Rob had his last day of work yesterday. He has a couple of weeks off before starting on his new adventure! It was tough to leave. 11 years is a long time. He worked with a bunch of people that he will miss, but he was craving some more stimulation and career challenge. He’s been searching on and off over the years, but this move feels right and at the right time. I am excited for him (and excited for us as a family as who knows what lies ahead) as he takes this brand new fork in the road!

Finally, I got a hearing aid this week. Ok, not as exciting. I was diagnosed back in 2014 with a genetic hearing problem and have been dealing with it, but functionally, it just has been getting harder and harder and wearing me down. So, I took the plunge and got the hearing aid. Although it’s a bit of an adjustment to all the little sounds, it was just awesome the other day to sit beside a client on my “bad side” and be able to hear what he was saying! Today at soccer, I didn’t have to position myself awkwardly to have a conversation on the sidelines, I was just able to converse! Awesome! So blessed that there is something that could be done, and so blessed that I am able to do it (with the help of an old neighbour who runs a hearing aid centre!!). Although it’s not a new path, I guess it’s a new stage!  I bought this cute little case to put the hearing aid in when I take it off when I am out and about (as it is a bit tiring right now so I need to work it in slowly). I showed it to the boys, and told them I would write my name on the case in the event that I lost it. No worries, my kids said, just write, “Please return to the closest 80 year old lady you see”. Boo. Teenagers can be so mean!

Let’s not forget that Reggie turned 3 on March 2nd too. He’s such a part of our family, hard to imagine our life without him now. Happy Birthday, Reg!

That’s a wrap for the week! Looking forward to the new paths that lie ahead of us all!


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  1. This wonderful family of mine – so many events, choices and good thing happening all at once. Love them to the moon and back. And love Reggie!

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