Soccer Round Up

Well the winter season has wound down, and the summer season is winding up!

At the end of the season,  both Josh and Zach got to head out to the Tim Horton’s stadium in Hamilton where the Pam Am games were played last summer. Apparently the change rooms were pretty cool for the kids to go in pre and post game. No pics of those though, as that would be creepy:)

Funny that we were there 2 weekends in a row and had never been there before, but it was a fun experience for both of them.

Here’s some snaps of the games:

IMG_7573_2 IMG_7580_2 IMG_7581_2 IMG_7582_2

^^^ Josh’s game was in the evening so we had some nice magic hour lighting, followed by the big spotlights coming on in the stadium.  The night before I drove Josh and two of his teammates to practice and they were talking about heading to the stadium the next evening and how they needed to be in tip top shape, because “we are playing on the big stage tomorrow night, boys” as one of them said. So cute! Love 12- 13 year olds!

Zach’s game was played in the day and it was a gorgeous day! The sun was bright, but it was a little cool, so I bundled in a blanket.

IMG_8365 IMG_8366 IMG_8367

^^^ I’ve told Zach he needs to be a little nicer on the field….

IMG_8369 IMG_8371

^^^ The stadium. We were all sitting on one side.

Josh has headed off to a tournament this weekend in Mont Tremblant with his team.


He is flying solo, with no parent! His Dad is away and it was hard for me to get away this weekend (it gets pricey too), so we decided to send him on his own (under the supervision of some of his teammates’ parents of course!). I have to admit, I am a bit nervous about him flying solo…but no fear, my friend sent me this pic of him on the bus and I think he is doing quite fine! Lol:


I loved Rob’s commentary when I texted it to him:


Oh my. They grow up.

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