Happy 15th Birthday, Zandra!

15? Can you believe it! And what an incredible girl she is continuing to become!


For her birthday, we celebrated last night with a birthday dinner of her choice – pasta with rose sauce and (I did one with a cheese sauce too), caesar salad and a strawberry cake (a little thick on the icing as it kept melting as I was putting it on!)



This morning we gave her some gifts, including her traditional candy poster card. Her main gift, comes in the shape of her “15 trip” to Europe (in June – which she is doing with Zach – so excited!), and we gave her a little spending money for it now.

IMG_8456 IMG_8459IMG_8467 IMG_8465

What can I say about one of the sweetest human beings on earth? Well, I can come up with tons of things, but I will share 15:


  1. She has a true heart of gold. She is so so so kind. Kind to everyone – (even when they don’t particularly  deserve her kindness.
  2. She has such a creative, artsy streak. I love how she can think up great art projects and make everything look so simple.
  3. She is a very loyal friend. She is a friend you can rely on. She tries to treat everyone with compassion and empathy.
  4. She is an awesome dancer!
  5. She is willing to try new things, even when she knows they will be hard! She keeps going (even though she rolls her eyes at me pushing her to “Do Hard Things!”
  6. She is a great sister. Loves her brothers; is always willing to help them, hug them, tickle them, talk with them, laugh with them, share gossip with them…
  7. She gives great back and head scratches…poor girl. She is always being asked!
  8. Her willingness to accept that she makes mistakes, owns them, repairs them and then tries her best to change them. So open and so humble.
  9. Her beautiful spirit. There is a innocence, a pure heart and soul and a glow that she radiates.
  10. Her sense of style and her talents with hair and makeup! She can do almost anything!
  11. Her willingness to always help! She always offers to do things for people, and she is cheery when she does them too!
  12. Her bubbly personality, her amazing smile, her constant laugh. She is a ray of sunshine on our house always!
  13. Her love of her pets! She smothers Reggie with love!
  14. Her ability to know right from wrong and to advocate for what she knows is right!
  15. Her flexibility. She is super easy going. Willing to go with the flow, share with others, let others shine too.


She really is a spectacular girl and we are so blessed to have her in our family! Love her sooooo much!


Happy 15 Sweet Pea!



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