Quote of the Week

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it” Henry Ford.

Robbie sent this one to me the other day, and I loved it as I always want to be taking off in airplanes:)

I’m not always fond of the wind against you, though.

We haven’t had any particular challenging situations (and I’m not complaining) recently, just the normal stuff of life. Which that in itself, can be enough!

Rob changed jobs a couple of months ago so is on a steep learning curve which can be stressful and tiring, me just dealing with some new clients and there’s a learning curve with that. Then, the kids are all growing up and having to deal with school work and challenges, growth in relationships and figuring them out, looking towards future – short term, longer term, jobs, volunteer, and then all the sports stuff in between. Life can just naturally cause lots of wind!

But, it is those things that make up your life and make you soar! The “little things” make up your life, so don’t dismiss them too quickly. You never know when the “little thing” will become the “big thing”. And those little things can create a lot wind that can help you soar to higher places than you ever imagined!


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