Zandra’s Dance Show

Every year Zandra has a dance show that happens for a two full weekends. It is a lot of work and very tiring (as she has shows in the evenings on Thursday and Friday and then 2-3 shows on each weekend day!), but she loves it and she is great! She takes hip hop and lyrical all year and she is awesome at both!

Here are the pictures I snapped for her Hip hop routine:

DSC06039 DSC06047 DSC06049 DSC06050 DSC06051 DSC06052 DSC06054

Then came the lyrical number. I loved the lighting and the simple costume… (don’t get me started on the costumes – I love it when they do simple and elegant like this one – it adds to the performance as opposed to detracts from it!)

DSC06057 DSC06058 DSC06059 DSC06063 DSC06064 DSC06065 DSC06066 DSC06068 DSC06069 DSC06070 DSC06071 DSC06074 DSC06076 DSC06077

Love this girl.


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