Happy Birthday Robbie!

I can’t let this day pass without saying Happy Birthday to the most amazing husband in the universe!


Life has been pretty crazy around here. Rob has been working a ton with his new job – although it is all good as it is challenging and rewarding and he is feeling that there is work to be done, and he’s ready to tackle it.

The kids are in the midst of exams and end of school stuff, (with two having their last exam today, and one with a few more to go, and the littles who have the rest of the month to get through — although Josh has a fun school trip next week). Then of course, throw soccer into the mix….

Work has been pretty hectic for me too, and of course, planning for the upcoming “15 trip”, which we are all super excited about, but I think we will only feel that it is real when we are sitting in that airport!

We all got up early this morning to wish Robbie a happy birthday and shower him with some gifts. The celebrations were cut a bit short as the three older guys had to race out for their exams. Rob and I were on our own tonight and went for dinner, and brought home some cake to eat while we fold some laundry (the glamourous life we lead!). This weekend we will do a nice big supper with all the kids and have a real cake to blow out the candles:)



But what can I say about Rob that I haven’t already said a million times? I was thinking the other day about how awesome it is that our 4 boys have such an incredible role model in him. He is such a mix of kindness and firmness; fun and intellect; logic and compassion. He is our stable rock around here, the voice of reason, and the calmness that keeps us grounded. He can also be a little obsessive, but we even love that about him. He certainly is the kind of man I hope our boys aspire to be, and the kind of man I hope that Alexandra finds one day.

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I marvel that I have been so blessed to be married to such a guy. He truly inspires me and makes me want to be a better person. He also tolerates and spoils me, so what more can a gal ask for? I could name way more than 45 things (as I usually do on these birthday posts), but this year I will keep it simple.

He rocks.

I love this man.

I am so grateful for him and proud to be his wife. And I know the kids are proud to call him Dad and StepDad.



All my love,






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  1. Beautiful post! We are all so blessed to know Rob and have him in our lives. We love you, Rob. Happy Birthday and many more to come.

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