Last Day in Paris

So I know that whizzing through some cities at record speed is not everyone’s cup of tea.

And while I would love to leisurely stroll through the streets and spend weeks soaking in the culture, we work with what we have. And that was 3 days in Paris.


And boy, did we use those 3 days!

On day 3, we slept in a little (8am – our poor teenagers) and went early to catch the Musee De L’Orangerie open. I have to say, it was pretty cool being in Monet’s water lily room pretty much on our own. We got to enjoy this lovely museum with no crowds. I like how little it is too; it’s not overwhelming like many others.

IMG_7861DSC06421 DSC06420 DSC06419

After the museum we took a long walk through the streets of Paris, stopping for breakfast along the way (which we ate so quickly because we were so hungry that I didn’t get a picture!) until we got to the Catacombs.

Luckily I had booked online, as the line up was insane!

The Catacombs were super cool.

IMG_7439DSC06442 DSC06456


There were all these quotes throughout as well that were pretty cool. ^^^

DSC06458 DSC06460 DSC06459


We then strolled back stopping in Jardin Luxemburg and rested.

IMG_7452DSC06470 DSC06475DSC06473DSC06477



Zach and I got into a fight about using a selfie stick. It’s embarrassing. But, he does realize, between me living to embarrass him and then living to take pictures and record events, he ended up just giving in and leaving me alone about it. So, I got to use it (and got some pretty great pictures with it too! Including this one:)


We made our way to Cosi for lunch and had a nice rest and sandwich there. The boys played a little game at the table, which quickly got too rambuncous!


We made our day to Notre Dame, but the Cathedral was closed. Very disappointing.

IMG_7882DSC06484 DSC06479DSC06486


We went for ice cream across the way (very enjoyable – felt like we were in Italy!), and then headed to Saint Chappelle for the spectacular stained glass!



DSC06488IMG_7889 IMG_7890

Saint Chappelle:


IMG_7899 IMG_7902IMG_7909 IMG_7918

We caught a cab home (we were dead) and had a nap for a couple of hours. We were all exhausted!!

Despite being sore and tired, we headed back out to the Champs de L’Elysees, where we had a nice little dinner and then wandered around.

IMG_8926 IMG_8930


IMG_8968 IMG_8969

Zandra got to check our Sephora, Zach went to the soccer stores and Rob visited a few car dealers!

DSC06518 DSC06521DSC06527

Zach was super excited that there was wifi on the ENTIRE street! ^^^

Our last stop (but not least) was up to the Arc de Triomphe. Spectacular right at Sunset.

DSC06529 DSC06532

IMG_7955 IMG_7953

We climbed up and got some great views:

IMG_7496DSC06544DSC06545 DSC06547

We tried a few selfies:

DSC06550 DSC06554 DSC06555

Then Zach succumbed to my using the selfie stick, and the real fun began:

IMG_8973 IMG_8974IMG_8976 IMG_8989 IMG_8990

I captured one of my fave pics so far:


And Rob captured some of the fun:

IMG_7973 IMG_7974 IMG_7977

We made our souvenir coins:


The walk home was pretty with all the lights, but we were dead on arrival at the hotel.



We had to pack up, hop in bed, snapchat (of course) and get ready for our 4:30 am wake up call!

Au revoir Paris! You have been good to us.



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