Berlin, Day 1

We decided to take the train from Hamburg to Berlin. I love European train stations and wanted to get to enjoy taking a high speed train.

IMG_9062 IMG_9064 IMG_9066 IMG_9061 IMG_9078

We all sort of missed out on a lot of the scenery unfortunately, as we were all catching up on our writing, work (Rob) and sleep:)

IMG_7691 IMG_7690IMG_9073 IMG_9074

I had a bit of a panic moment when I saw a stop for Berlin and we needed to get off the train (it was going on to Munich). Alas, it was not the right stop as we were going to Berlin Central station. Everyone had a good laugh about my panic and it has become the biggest joke that makes us burst out laughing as they imitate me. Luckily, no one filmed it:)) I won’t get into it, but let’s just say that everyone on the train thought I was some crazy Canadian (although likely American) woman!



We arrived and took a cab to our hotel – the NH Berlin, which was super nice! They weren’t ready for us to check in, so we didn’t waste any time and just headed out for the day.


Coming to Berlin, we knew there was a TON to see. Just like Paris, we decided we would take a “sampler” approach. A little bit here, a little bit there. So we squeezed in a lot at surface level, with the intention that one day if anyone wants to return, they know what to return to (and if we never return – we have had a nice taster sample!)

We strolled along looking for somewhere to eat and came across the Berlin Cathedral, which we decided to explore and climb the tower. Gorgeous views of Berlin. A nice introduction.

IMG_7700DSC06780 DSC06779IMG_9080 IMG_9082 IMG_9085

DSC06784 DSC06787

We found the super cool aquarium in the Radisson Blu, but could only see it from the lobby.


We stopped for lunch and had our first currywurst and it was “yummy” (using that word all trip now after the waitress at our restaurant in Hamburg made fun of me for using it!).


We then stopped for some ice cream while waiting for our tour to start:

DSC06805 DSC06808

We then met up for a 4 hour walking tour of Berlin. We thought it would be great to have someone show us around and give us some history. It was really great, and we got to see a lot in 4 hours. Some highlights:

Now if only I can remember what everything is:

Museum Island:

DSC06814 DSC06816:

Neue Wache : Sculpture of Mother with her Dead Son


Bebelplatz : Memorial to the nazi book burning May 10, 1933. Heinrich Heine’s famous quote from 1821: “That was only a prelude; where they burn books, they will in the end also burn people” (translated)

DSC06827 DSC06828

Unter den Linden Blvd:


Brandenburg Gate:

DSC06831DSC06832 DSC06834DSC06822

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe:

IMG_7744DSC06835 DSC06852 DSC06855DSC06842 DSC06841 DSC06849

Bundesfinanzministerium: one of the few buildings that survived the war:


Remnants of the Berlin wall outside of Topography of Terror:

IMG_7752 IMG_7754DSC06860

Checkpoint Charlie:


Konzerhaus in Gendarmenmarkt


French and German churches in Gendarmenmarkt:

DSC06869 DSC06872

After the tour, we were exhausted to found our way to an outdoor patio for some more sausages and schnitzel. We would have all returned to the hotel gladly, but had our reservations for the Reichstag dome (you need to book it at whatever times they have available).


We went for our tour just as the light was changing, so it was pretty awesome.

DSC06879 DSC06880DSC06884 DSC06885IMG_7772 IMG_7784 IMG_7787 IMG_7789DSC06785 DSC06786 DSC06788 DSC06789 DSC06791 DSC06793DSC06889 DSC06890 DSC06891 DSC06896IMG_9095 IMG_9101 IMG_9102 IMG_9103 IMG_9107 IMG_9109 IMG_9110DSC06899 DSC06902DSC06901 DSC06903

We finally stumbled home, checked in and the crashed with exhaustion (in our really nice and roomy room! This is the kids’ area:)


What a day. I’m exhausted just writing about it! What an amazing city!


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  1. and I’m exhausted reading it! The pictures go on and on and by now I’m sure you are talking German! So amazing to see all of this. Wonderful photographer you are indeed.

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