Berlin, Day 2

We chose to sleep in a bit today as everyone was tired and needed a bit of a break.

Good thing, because we squeezed a lot in!

We decided it would be a museum day; a sample of several museums.

We first went to the German History museum and spent some time there and really enjoyed it. We spent more time on the 1918 and on floor, but saw some of the early history too. IMG_8204

I came around the corner and found Zach:


We then had a little break with a chocolate croissant to give us some energy:)




We made our way to the interactive DDR museum (which highlighted what life was like in East Berlin during the cold war) and the kids really liked this museum.

DSC06911DSC06909IMG_8200 IMG_8202 IMG_8201

We decided to walk to the East Side Gallery (which is a 1.3 km long section of the Berlin Wall located near the centre of Berlin where artists from around the world painted on the east side of the Berlin Wall.) It was very cool!

IMG_8205IMG_7802 IMG_7803 IMG_7804 DSC06926 DSC06927DSC06918 DSC06916 DSC06920 DSC06924IMG_9115 IMG_9117 IMG_9120

We took a cab back close to the Jewish museum (where we were going next) and found a cute place for lunch to enjoy more schnitzel and sausage. It was a nice break!


He’s totally hamming it up ^^^


We spent the next part of the day in the Jewish Museum and especially enjoyed the architecture and the personal stories. There was so much to cover, and we really didn’t make a dent, but we enjoyed what we saw.

DSC06928 IMG_8224DSC06947DSC06938 DSC06944DSC06948IMG_8218




Our plan was to head to the Topography of Terror, that we had seen on our tour yesterday. We made our way there, but we all pretty much crashed except for Rob, so he spent time going around while we tried to gain some more energy!



Bonhoeffer had a profound influence on my Grandfather (as I will explain in the next post) ^^^

There was so much more we wanted to do and see, but we just headed back to the hotel to rest and chill. As much as we want to do it all, it stops getting enjoyable! Berlin is really filled with such a complicated history, it’s emotional and cognitively exhausting to process it all. I do really love the city, and would very much like to come back and spend much more time to soak it all in a bit more.


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  1. Great city…my daughter did a semester of college there a few years ago…her goal was to go and visit every museum on museum island…and she did! It was great having her as our tour guide when we went to visit her!
    Enjoy your trip!

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