Happy Birthday Zach

The last birthday of the year for our family, but certainly not the least!

Happy 15th Birthday Zach!

I commented to him yesterday how I had started labour with him and he seemed a bit surprised that it had gone on for so long.

Yup. He took his sweet time. Always on his schedule:)

But arrived with black hair and gorgeous dark blue cross eyes.

He’s certainly grown and changed; to being blonde with brown eyes!

But there are little things that he does now that I can still see him doing as a young baby, or little boy.

I am so happy that I had the chance to spend so much quality time with him on his 15 trip. I’m so glad that we got to explore our family history and heritage together. Truly a trip of a lifetime in many respects.

I’m especially glad that when I do things that annoy or bug him, I can remind him that he has my genes, so he’s likely going to (or already does!) the same things! Mwhahah

Here are 15 things that I love about him:

  1. His love of travel. How could I not? He is a wanderer and I love that!
  2. His love of photography – he takes awesome pictures! I love watching him take pictures!
  3. His love of record keeping — ok – I know I’m listing all the things that we have in common, but it’s so nice to share these things with him! He’s got a great travel journal going.
  4. His love of soccer – (that’s not from me!) I love how he loves to play, and I love that he is such a good captain.
  5. He’s such a hard worker (obviously on the things he chooses!) but when he chooses, he knows how to work. His soccer skills are proof that hard work pays off.
  6. His quickness. He’s fast – he gets things done, he walks too fast, he thinks quickly and responds quickly. It makes him quite witty!
  7. His awesome sense of humour. He makes us all laugh! All the time. I sometimes have to laugh because I don’t even know what else to do!
  8. His ability to get people talking and laughing. Although he can be super shy with adults, he does have an ability to get everyone around him (peers, siblings) talking and having a good time. Our dinner table is more entertaining (and chaotic) when he’s around!
  9. He’s a good brother. Yes, he teases like mad, and can frustrate and annoy everyone, but he is also a solid, there for you kind of guy. He is our family gatherer and I love how he loves having “a big family”
  10. He is smart. He can remember things, he can problem solve and he can study. If he puts his mind to it, he will go far.
  11. His sense of style. He knows what he likes and he is the first to give you an opinion on something you are wearing!
  12. He will share stories and let you in on some info—- if you agree to scratch his back. It’s kind of hilarious.
  13. He’s responsible and you can count on him. If he says he’s going to do it, he’s going to do it.
  14. His sense of honesty and integrity. Even if he knows he might get in trouble, he tells it like it is.
  15. His spirit. Of course he’s a jokester and can be a handful, but he has a beautiful spirit that is growing each day and he knows the importance of remembering who he is.

All I can say, is that those hours of labour were worth it. Although, I do think he owes me….

Happy 15th Zach.

Love you more and always.



A few pics to remember the day:

IMG_9371 IMG_9374

We celebrated the night before since that’s when we had the whole gang. The traditional ice cream cake is always his request ^^^

IMG_9381 IMG_9383

Candy poster ^^^ It gets hard to be creative doing 5 a year for the past 8 years!!

IMG_9385 IMG_9390

An unexpected cancellation meant we could head out for lunch… for poutine, of course! ^^^


We laugh how the best place we have found is in the worst area. Yes, across from a strip club! ^^^

IMG_9392 IMG_9393 IMG_9394

Pretty tasty. No better birthday food!


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