Prague, Day 1

Another early morning as we had to make our way to the train station as we were heading to Prague!

Prague has always been on my list of places to go, as I have heard it is beautiful.

I’m just going to say, “Wow”.

IMG_8404 IMG_8400 IMG_8399 IMG_8398

As Zach said, “It’s like Harry Potter at Universal – except it is real!”

But first, we had to get there.

The train is about 4.5 hours from Berlin. I had told the kids there was wifi, and they were horrified that there was none… oh my. What to do? They slept.


I read. So nice.

But when we crossed over into the Czech Republic, the wifi kicked in and the kids somehow woke up and were very pleased.


We arrived without any panic this time, and decided to make our way to our hotel by walking.


IMG_9177 IMG_9180

Along the way, we saw some yummy Thai and Vietnamese food and decided that is what we wanted for lunch. A break from sausage and schnitzel.



We found our cute hotel, checked in and headed out for a meal. We had a relaly good meal at a Thai restaurant.

We then had an “Intro to the Grand City Tour” booked. It started off with a bus.

We are not bus tour people. We were all asleep within 5 min.

And you can’t see much on a bus. We did see things like this:

DSC07010 DSC07014

But it was only bus for a bit, then it was walking.

Truly, I wasn’t thrilled with the tour as it was super rushed but it gave us a great overview of the city.

Boy, it is gorgeous.

I got some great snaps:



DSC07143IMG_9185 IMG_9187 IMG_9189 IMG_9192 IMG_9193

DSC07056 DSC07018 DSC07022 DSC07028 DSC07031 DSC07034 DSC07037 DSC07040 DSC07045 DSC07047

IMG_9195 IMG_9197 IMG_8357 IMG_9199

IMG_8264 IMG_8266 IMG_7806 IMG_7808 IMG_7818

We finished the tour and then decided to backtrack a bit.

We took in the views of the Charles Bridge.

IMG_8367 IMG_9203

DSC07066 DSC07056 DSC07059 DSC07063

We had the most yummy “trdelniks” filled with icecream.

IMG_8362 IMG_8363

We found our way to the John Lennon wall



and came across some interesting things:


We then found a spot where Rob could have a sandwich (he was dying for one the past few days).

We went and climbed the tower on one end of the Charles Bridge for some amazing views.

IMG_9208 IMG_9214 IMG_9225

DSC07136 DSC07110 DSC07124 DSC07131

We then headed back, strolling through the streets, stopping to buy some souvenirs.

DSC07084 DSC07085 DSC07074 DSC07078


We then picked up the pace so the boys could watch some soccerJ

Prague truly is a spectacular city and we agreed it is definitely on a “favourite list!”


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