Monthly Snaps of Life

During church, I often find that my phone goes missing and that one of the boys is scrolling through it, looking at pictures.

I have over 7000 pictures on it, and they go way back, so they are often giggling at some of the photos  (and I then have to take my phone back and get them to focus). But, it usually reminds me that I haven’t done a monthly update in a while.

I too love looking back at my pics. I keep a collection of all the photos that I have taken or regular moments and some special ones, but also quotes or scriptures that I have come across that are meaningful. I especially love taking pics of some of my favourite text exchanges with my kids – which I rarely post – but I want to remember anyway as many are HILARIOUS. I’ve got some funny kids (and we have had some funny typos).

Here’s what’s been on my phone over the past couple of months:


Rob’s B-day ^^^ (Yep, we are heading back to June!)

IMG_8760 IMG_8769

Usual antics in the kitchen ^^^


Father’s Day at church ^^^


Getting the gifts ready to give away at church ^^^


In their favourite chair ^^^


Father’s day gifts ^^^


Traditional Father’s Day Exotic Car Show ^^^

IMG_8786 IMG_8787 IMG_8788

Love how this one captures the the real moments ^^^

IMG_8793 IMG_8794 IMG_8795

Starbucks stop ^^^

IMG_8800  IMG_8802 IMG_8805 IMG_8806

Heading off to School Camp ^^^

IMG_8809 IMG_8810

Not sure what is going on with these pics, but I wanted to get some of Sam playing his little heart out! ^^^


Clouds at soccer ^^^

IMG_8813 IMG_8814

Soccer advice from big bro ^^^

IMG_9289 IMG_9290

These were leftovers from our trip! Our airplane ride home ^^^


“Look Mom, there’s some icebergs” ^^^ Little did we know that we would get the chance to see this awesomeness:



IMG_9293 IMG_9296

So clear – it was truly amazing. Everyone was getting up to lean over to the windows and catch a glimpse (we shared our window with some people!)

IMG_9297 IMG_9301  IMG_9308 IMG_9309 IMG_9310

Back from YM camp (in his soccer clothes as he had no other clean clothes with him!) ^^^


Magical soccer skies ^^^


Cozy-ing up with my work ^^^


Fun weekend with our friends at their cottage – had to purchase a bed for us to sleep on first! lol

IMG_9342 IMG_9343 IMG_9346

Boating day at the cottage

IMG_9347 IMG_9348

Rob with Sheila and Chris. Awesome weekend!

IMG_9349 IMG_9351 IMG_9355

Brave Sheila! ^^^

IMG_9356 IMG_9357

After working her first summer job! ^^^


Church days ^^^


Sam is intrigued!! ^^^


First pay cheque… had to laugh it was mainly in 5’s! ^^^


Went for dinner with friends and walked by our “first real date” restaurant ^^^


Fans watching Sam play soccer ^^^



Soccer Sam ^^^


We went for ice cream one night, and this was our view! ^^^


Rainbows when we were headed to get dinner one night ^^^


Summer sky on an evening walk ^^^


Camp in the backyard? No, just getting ready for YW camp (only pic I have about YW camp!!)


When I put my shoes on, this is what Reggie is always doing… waiting for me to say “Let’s go for a walk!” ^^^


Busy summer with older kids working and away, so some dates with Sam ^^^

IMG_9454 IMG_9455 IMG_9459

Gorgeous skies on our evening walks ^^^

Not very exciting pics, I’m going to try harder!

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