First Day of School

There’s aways a bit of nervousness, excitement and anticipation around the first day of school.

Everyone is excited to see friends, see who their teachers are, see who is in their classes (more importantly) and get back into the swing of life.

I’m excited to not have to do a zillion different coordinations for camps and summer activities. With school, everyone is now able to independently get to where they need to go and home.

But, the reality of making lunches, regular bedtimes, and homework quickly kicks in and I have to remind myself every year that we WILL adjust.

The first day was pretty standard, except for the fact that the high schoolers only had to be there for 1 hour (?!?!?) and Gabe didn’t START school this semester! Yikes! They were all troopers to get up though for our traditional pics when the little guys left:

Gabe is working and saving for University which he plans on starting in January:


Zandra excited to be heading into Grade 10:


Zach also excited to head into Grade 10:


Sam has his last year at the Junior Public school in grade 6. Our last kid in that school:


Josh starting Grade 8 in the senior public school; last year there too!


As we are getting things ready for the “perfect” shot:

dsc07659 dsc07661 dsc07665 dsc07667

Ok, I think we got it:

dsc07677 dsc07655 dsc07682 img_0915

Not sure why this one turned out tiny (I tried to fix it) but I didn’t not want to include it!


Looking forward to an awesome year!!

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