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This has been a bad year for keeping up with quotes, so I will try to do better until the end of the year. However, the quotes often make it into our Family Home Evening, or onto our kitchen wall, but it’s the blogging about them that is pushed to the wayside sometimes…

This week’s quote comes from a podcast I listened to with Wayne Dyer. I don’t think he actually came up with the quote, he simply used it in the context of the podcast. I was sitting in traffic (traffic is always horrendous, but it has been particularly bad the past few weeks) and was so so bored, and so so tired. I decided to see if I had any audiobooks on my phone that I could relisten to. I found a whole bunch of Wayne Dyer stuff downloaded already. My phone often has a huge mishmash of stuff on it because I download various things for different clients, so my selection is as diverse as my client caseload!

Anyhow, good old Wayne quoted, “It is better to reach high and fail, then it is to reach low and succeed.”

My friend commented not so long ago that often my quotes are about doing hard things, doing better, working, pushing yourself, reaching high, endurance, perseverance…they can get exhausting. Chill already!

I guess it is true, but I choose quotes that are applicable in my immediate life. And having 4 teenagers and one tween, all things to do with hard work, reward, endurance etc. are particularly pertinent! Work is an eternal principle too, so the more you accept it, and the more it becomes part of who you are, the easier it is to get through it all. PLUS I read this article that talks about successful women are usually women that had nagging, pushy, high expectation Mom’s. The article said that there’s no reason that doesn’t hold true for boys as well. So nag, push, place high expectations away! That’s my Mama job!

Except this quote isn’t just for my kids.

It’s particularly relevant for me.

I’ve taken up a bit of a new interest in my life and decided to start educating myself in that area and am taking myself out of my comfort zone. Months ago, when talking about a “missed opportunity” in my life with Zach (and encouraging him not to miss the same opportunity), he simply said, “You just didn’t take enough risks in your life Mom.” (I might have shared this already – but clearly it impacted me). Ouch. Harsh. But true.

So, I decided more risk (smart risks however) were needed and I began on my quest for a new adventure.

Hence the quote. It IS better to reach high (and succeed!), then it is to reach low or do nothing.


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