Rob’s Christmas Eve poem 2016

2016 a year to remember great trips and milestones, joy and sadness,

But hearts filled with gladness for the blessings we gratefully have with us.

We started the year with no fear, ready to challenge and change, but never certain of what would come our way

With the New Year begun we started out without kids or care and jetted off to Vegas,

Food and fun, the one arm bandit had us on the run.

We did a mini tour of Europe like only can be done under the chili desert sun.

We then went to Charleston and Myrtle, we both kinda needed a post trip girdle,

To Peru Zach and Josh went, they climbed to Machu Picchu and pooed in a tent!

Firmly in to school and work, Victoria bound, a new job for Rob found

Some on their last round of school, we were all following the golden rule

With love all around and action packed lives, too many things to count, a busy bee hive!!

We were all making progress and we truly did thrive!

From baking bread, soccer all over, a hearing aid for Leah so she can hear that I’m right; we kept up our plight to make good with every day and night

We then began to prepare for a trip of a lifetime, Paris, Hamburg, Berlin and Prague, moments in time where generations joined hands, it was quite a sight

But in to the narrow streets and winding beauty of ancient tours, we relived old memories and created some more.

We walked the Champs Elysees and climbed up high and down low, from the tour Eiffel to the Catacombs below

The beauty and grandeur of museums and Versailles, so much history and food you could nearly cry!!

We ate bread and brie on a park bench like true Parisians of France, our European tour was beginning to dance.

We moved on to Hamburg, met relatives from afar, visited sacred places, and watched mini cars.

We got dessert in Lubeck and traced Granny’s steps, went to her school and found a farmstead,

Then to the Baltic Sea for a toe tip for sure, an orderly German beach wasn’t too far out of reach

We walked and we walked, schnitzel without beer.

We were even reminded by some we were going too slow, oh well what did he know!

We traveled and walked paths trodden before, someone called Hallloooooo we nearly fell on the floor!

We headed to Berlin and started again, where once it was divided we could now freely wander, a fascinating city of success and blunder

At last our weary feet brought us to Busing Street,

It’s true, we snapped more than a few more pics honouring those we couldn’t meet

We paid our respects to those who suffered, we all thought how great a sacrifice they offered

Finally to Prague and Dresden too, Mozart in a Church and playing a tiny piano too.

We returned from our trip and back to the world, a graduation for Gabe and target set,

We knew he would be bound for BYU yet.

We sunned in Wasega and relaxed with Gran and Di too, warm summer’s nights and melted marshmallow goo!

YLC and Camps and soccer some more, we went to Chicago and toured a great city for sure

Then in to the fall we had to endure,

With the challenge and fight for my father the last time, we comforted and looked to hold each other tight.

We can only hope he fell asleep on that October night, knowing we all loved him with all of our might.

He will be missed and we wish for him to be here, but we know he is with our families on the other side so dear

So proud was I to have all of my boys carry him for the last time, with Zandra reading a lovely good bye

I know he would be smiling down on them in heaven sublime

We also had a big 40 to celebrate too, we drove to Montreal right through the snow! What a party and fun, it was a great show!

We have a big journey about to begin, for the oldest of the children about to start and begin

His life as an adult new things to learn for sure, but always remember that family is there and will endure

We are blessed to be family and to see through this year, as we prepare for more changes we have no fear.

This Christmas we are happy to be the CDF family all

With much love and cheer, we are going to have a ball.

So quiet Elfie away (a little delinquent some say) and presents and gifts unwrapped, we will bring in 2017 knowing so much potential to be tapped.

Merry Christmas and let’s begin, we on the path to win, win, win!

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