Year in a Review – 2016

Here are all the big and little things to remember (although I wish I recorded them better throughout the year as my memory is getting old!)

Mrytle Beach and Charleston

Sam’s bionic mouth

Gabe’s high school graduation

Zach’s ref license/course

Josh tournament in Mont Tremblant

Captain Zach

Captain Sam

Zandra dance recital

Zandra forever braces!

Zach and Zandra 15 trip! Paris, Hamburg, Lübeck, Berlin, Prague, Dresden

Soccer. All. The. Time.

Gabe driving

YM camp (Josh)

Zach reffing and linesmen job

YLC (Zach, Zandra and Leah)

Zandra art camp work/volunteer

Mandarin Buffet

Chinese ordering in

Mother’s Day Bike ride

YW camp

Binge watching netflix shows (Scandal, Suits, Mindy Project and whatever else they have watched non stop)

Josh Orlando, Florida ESPN/Disney tournament

Murder Mystery SYE

Youth Activities: Scouting starts – fires in the parking lot, learning animals

Morning Scriptures

Early Morning Seminary

Fights with Sunday school teacher

Late nights out

Semi formal

Chicago (architecture tour, boat tour, Willis tower, deep dish pizza, Eataly, food tour)

Washington DC temple

Subway tickets constantly needed

Real estate adventures



7th Ave

Sarah’s 40th

Gosset weekend – Gigi, Poutine, McGill exploring

Movie nights

Sushi on Wednesday

Regional dances with fish taco dates

Toronto Temple

BYU applications

Sprained ankle hospital visit

Callings – YM Rob, RS Leah

Christmas Baking

Mission Farewells

Gabe working 3 jobs

Running, exercise videos



Soccer camps

LIT camp

Valentine’s Books

Valentine’s Overnight

Summit at the Sheraton

Christmas Market

Weekend chores and laundry

Reggie sleeping in our bed all the time


Exotic Auto show for Father’s Day

Mother’s Day Italian feast

Hearing aid


Collingwood with Gran and Di

Machu Picchu for Zach and Josh

Camp Glen Bernard (Josh)

Regional Scripture Mastery

Shakespeare in the Park volunteering (Zandra)

Instagram with Edgymormon and travelthroughpics (and all the other ones I know nothing about)

Soccer bake sales

ACT (Gabe)

University applications

Day trip Ottawa game (Josh)

Soccer tournaments – Sam and Zach


Cambridge travels

Remembering Grampy

Sheila and Chris cottage fun!

New iPhones (6’s)

Vacation Contract

HEFY garage sale and registration and start of fundraising

Mindset reading

Turks and Caicos with Robert and Tarina


Sam walking Reggie in the mornings

WWJD and fights with science teacher about Seminary and being LDS

Jupiter and then West Rouge winners

Candy posters




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  1. I love this fun breakdown and I must do my own!
    While I miss the blogging more often, I’m so glad you do come back with nice and long updates to settle down to read! With a cup of coffee.

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