Be Grateful 

The past few years, I have picked “themes” for the year and tried to work on them personally. They have hung on our kitchen board, but we didn’t really pay much attention to them. 

This year I selected a theme, and we introduced it at FHE last week. I’m hoping to really focus on it this year. 

Be Grateful.

As I wrote a few posts ago, I have been feeling like my kids are lacking gratitude. Which might mean I have not been demonstrating gratitude enough as an example. 

So, this year, we are going to “intentionally” work on gratitude. Every week, during FHE, we will all share something we are grateful for (according to a weekly theme). 

Today, we each shared what we are grateful for for a person in our family (the person immediately below you in birth order). 

Instantaneously you could feel the whole spirit in the room change to a kind, more loving one. 

Even though Gabe was missing (this week has really sunk in that he’s not here and we have all commented on how we miss him), he ended up sending me the most beautiful text, expressing gratitude, so I’m glad he’s on the same wavelength as all of us CDFs! 

I hope that focusing on gratitude will help us all develop a more grateful spirit and carryover into everything we do. 

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