Christmas Round up

Better quickly sum up Christmas before I hit the New Year celebrations!

On Christmas Eve day we decided to do some bowling. It’s hard to find a bowling alley around here anymore! My mom and Auntie Di were in town so came with us. We found an alley in the west end and had a good time, although my wrist was aching for the rest of the night (wimp).

Christmas Eve we enjoyed our traditional nativity play and Christmas program.

The kids then went to their rooms and waited to hear the bell before they came running down to open the gifts from us.

We had our traditional feast:

The three kids went to their Mom’s for an overnight and we just hung out with the boys.

Santa arrived in the morning, and then the boys headed off to their Dad’s.

dsc07841 dsc07836

Rob’s mom came for the afternoon and overnight and we all had another Christmas dinner. The kids came back to visit with Grammie and opened Santa’s gifts:

dsc07846 dsc07847

The next day my Mom, sister and Grammie all headed home and Rob and I headed to a movie.

In between the chaos of trying to get Gabe ready for university, we watched a few good movies and did some work.

Then we were off….

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