Quote of the Week 

In the movie, “One Week”, the lead actor (Joshua Jackson) bumps into the beloved Gord Downie outside a motel on his trek across Canada. The two share a very short conversation. Jackson asks Downie if he is still in love after being married for 25 years and counting. When Downie replies  that  he is still in love, Jackson asks the million dollar question, “how do you know it’s the real thing? ”

I remember sitting and watching that movie, hearing Downie’s  response, and thinking, “that’s the advice I want to give my children.”:

“If you have to ask the question… you’re not.” 

Plain and simple.

As my kids get older and I see their hearts start to turn to others, I can only hope that they find the kind of love that they don’t even have to wonder if this is the right person. But I thought this was great advice too: 

 “My mother once said that if you meet a girl in whose presence you feel a desire to achieve, who inspires you to do your best, and to make the most of yourself, such a young woman is worthy of your love and is awakening love in your heart.” David O MacKay

“One good yardstick as to whether a person might be the right one for you is this: in her/his presence, do you think your noblest thoughts, do you aspire to your finest deeds, do you wish you were better than you are?”  Ezra Taft Benson

Wise words. 

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