Happy 14th Josh 

It’s hard to believe that 14 years ago this little guy entered into the world.

He quickly grew into this:

And then this: 

I guess he’s not so little anymore! 

He went to his first regional dance the other night with his brother and friends:

I think he’d still rather play soccer than go to a dance!

I love that he is still in the “in between” stage where he would rather play soccer than hang out with girls:) But I can tell it’s all changing  pretty quick….

So much to love about Josh:

1)  His single minded soccer brain.

2)His need to sleep and ability to just get up in the middle of whatever to say he’s heading to bed. He knows himself well. 

3)His big brother training to Sam. He feels a responsibility to “train” him hard! 

4) His little brother stubbornness; not going to let the big brothers push him around.

5) His laugh; when he gets completely ridiculous and laughs and laughs. 

6) His love of sweets and desserts (and puddings cups that we find…when he can’t control himself). 

7) How he introduces himself and shakes the person’s hand. 

8) How he still gives great hugs (when you force him). 

9) When that sensitive side comes out… 

10) His hard work and commitment to what he wants. 

11) His ability to play any sport and his passion for them all.

12) His  love of watching the same shows over and over. I also love watching him sing along to his fave songs! 

13) His  own sense of style; he loves his ties and housecoat and wears what he wants to wear (and looks good!) 

14) His strong sense of self. He’s confident, and he is the same wherever he goes. 

He is growing into being a great man. He makes us all laugh and there’s always a funny story that he’s involved in. He keeps us on our toes, keeps us all honest, and is a strong advocate of justice. He’s the first to share his blankets and pillow with me, will always help me bake, loves a good challenge and competition, and is comfortable doing things with others or alone. 

Here’s how we celebrated:

Then headed out for his traditional dinner at Mandarin:

Then a cake on the weekend:

^^^ and he was done… 

He will forever be my baby barbaloot.

Love you more and always



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