Monthly Snaps of Life 

Busy months as usual. Here are a few snaps: (sometimes when I upload, the order of photos gets messed up, so the timeline jumps around a bit!)

Reggie likes squeezing into cuddly corners:

Playing a new game called Cashflow:

Rob was booted out of bed one night!: 

School semi formal:

Thai date with Sam (with brand new braces!):

Our traditional Valentine’s date and overnight  (at the King Edward hotel this year): 

Celebrating Larissa’s bday: 

Valentine’s gifts (albums):

Traditional Valentine’s  dinner: 

Heart attack:

Gabe was making Kraft dinner one night when we Facetimed him; the next night everyone wanted it too! : 

This is just how we roll:

Writing reports ; he wants to be with me, under my desk!:

Sunday – working on some goals: 

Have to capture this!:

Love the church photos:

Church dance: (with friends! Josh’s first one too!) 

Got the chance to see Blue Rodeo with my friend Carole! So cool that Gord Downie joined in the last song: 

YM Tuesday night activities:

Love our Reggie: 

As per tradition, Rob took the boys to the annual auto show :

They all missed Gabe though; Josh went around collecting all the pamphlets for him as he wanted to send them in a care package to him!: 

Reggie dressed up: 

Josh was interviewed on the news! We didn’t see it, but others did and got a screen shot of him: 

Josh’s bday dinner at the Mandarin: 


This cracked me up; one of Zach’s meme accounts is Edgymormon: 

That’s it for now! 

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