Angkor Wat

My computer is up and running again! Yah! We think it was the humidity. So here’s my write up of our first day at Angkor Wat:

Getting up early hasn’t been a huge problem since we are all still a bit jet lagged. It’s not that “I want to die” jet lag, more so the  “I can get up early no problem but am exhausted by 7pm” jet lag. So heading down for a 7:30 breakfast was not problem. The buffet was enjoyed by all with its mix of eastern and western cuisine.

We met our guide, “Happy” in the lobby at 8:30 and he shared with us the plan.

We headed over to the Angkor Wat complex to get tickets, and then spent the next few hours at Angkor Wat itself.

It was so nice to have Happy share so much history with us, and guide us to shady spots to listen to that history. He’s also a whiz with the iPhone, so was often offering to take some fun pics of us all, so that was a real bonus for me!

I’ll let all the pictures tell the story (and there’s a lot of pictures… and they won’t all be exact order as it’s hard to keep track of! ):


After Angkor Wat, we headed out for lunch and had a nice lunch in a breezy patio across from a lake (not sure what it is called).

It was so hot!

We then headed to the next temple on our agenda: The Bayon Temple.

Happy did this cool panoramic picture and  I also loved the shots of how he took it!:

The Bayon temple has all the faces and is quite stunning:


We passed The Elephant Terrace and Terrace of the Leper King, but it was so hot and we were all drained .

We also stopped at this Buddha along the way:

We headed back to the hotel, where we  quickly changed and headed to the pool for some cooling off and relaxing.

After the pool, we all snoozed a bit more. The heat is a killer!

We then headed into town where we had booked some massages. I tell you, there were a few really funny things about the massages and massage place, but I think everyone found it relaxing and overall it was a success!

Starving, we searched for an Italian restaurant I had read about. I know, Italian??? But we have had a lot of rice, so we were craving some Italian. The place we went to was awesome! Right out of Italy! Everyone was a bit irritable (including me) and we were happy to head back to climb in bed after a wonderful day!


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