Computer woes 

Following an awesome, but sobering day participating in an activity organized by a charity in Cambodia to help families below poverty (anyone who makes below 2.50 a day), we flew to Vietnam. 

After a good night sleep, I went to organize my pics as per usual in the early hours (nice and quiet and I’m usually awake). All of a sudden, my computer went black. Normally Rob can fix any problem, but apparently not this one. He thinks it’s my screen:( 

Later that same day, Josh’s phone (which was cracked for months), went kaput! Crazy! Same day! Our guide knew “a guy”, and while we were resting mid afternoon,  he had Josh’s phone repaired! We weren’t comfortable getting our whole computer done here though…

So, I’m computer less for the remainder of the trip. My blog posts (although I can prepare the words on my phone) and my photos will have to wait until I’m home! (But I am still posting some pics and mini stories on Facebook and Instagram:))

As sad as I am about not having my computer… Perspective is easy to take on this trip. Small, small, small first world problem.

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