Quote of the Week 

Bonhoeffer has a very special place in my heart as my grandfather studied under him.

I especially loved this quote as so often I feel like we praise silence.

We are taught to be peacekeepers. To strive to limit conflict in our lives. To be easygoing and agreeable.

And we should be those things. Often. 

But we also have the ability to discern right from wrong. We have the ability to make choices, evaluate what is out in front of us, and be led by inspiration, gut feelings, or whatever you want to call it. 

Keeping peace to avoid conflict; staying silent to not make waves; catering to the lowest common denominator because “it’s easier”; these are things that allow evil to continue. 

We need to take a stand. We need to find our voice and use it for the good. Only then will we truly find peace. 

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