Sunrise at Angkor Wat

You can’t go to Angkor Wat and not go for the famous sunrise.

Of course, you can’t go alone either.

Hundreds go end up going too, so we arranged for two tuk tuk’s to pick us up at 5:00am to try to get there early.

We arrived and got “second row standing” – not so bad.

It was pretty crazy how everyone takes every inch of space and is sort of pushing and wedging their way in there. We tried to stand our ground, and got some great pics. (Sorry if they all look the same! But which ones to choose?!?!)



We headed into the temple again, and tried to go to the top level (it had been closed the day before), but there was a long line up.

We decided to head there the next day, and went back out and watched the sun continue to rise.

We also watched the monkeys at play!


A few family shot and selfies:


The light on the path leading up to Angkor Wat and from the front gate was pretty beautiful too:

We headed back to our hotel for breakfast and a tiny rest, before we met Happy.

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