Tonle Sap Lake and Fish Pedicures!

After a long day of visiting temples, and a short rest, we headed out to Tonle Sap Lake to view the sunset, and visit a floating village (Kampong Phluk Village).

Just driving there was eye opening as you saw so much poverty. And other interesting things:

Then the village on the lake is a whole other level.

We headed out on boat:

As we travelled down the lake, there was quite a lot to see:

We stopped at a floating restaurant, more to take in the surrounding area:

There was a Chinese couple that had a drone that we watched:

We headed back and our guide dropped us off for dinner.

It was pretty funny that we all felt like Italian again. I guess we aren’t used to all the Asian flavours and craved some more comfort:


But we quickly stepped out of our comfort zones and got “fish pedicures”.

At first I was the only one who wanted one, but then everyone joined in. Soon we were all laughing hysterically. It sort of pinches and tickles!

It was another awesome day.



Tonle Sap Lake and Fish Pedicures! — 2 Comments

  1. Love your post! What a great trip! Love the fish pedicure photos. We sometimes are able to have ‘Georgian Bay minnow pedicures’, but only when they ‘are in’.

  2. those fish pedicures! Amazing pictures!~ One of you and Rob that is so good! I’d love a copy of that one! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip soon!!!

    Love, Mom xoxo

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