Monthly snaps of life 

It’s been a long time since I’ve documented all the in between moments:

Church and visitors:

Found this one mixed in of the kids having to take the preventative drink prior to our Cambodia/Vietnam trip! :


My mom sent me this pic of my dad:

Sometimes teenagers can just stay up too late:

Heading to the BEFY conference: 

Gabe came home for a week in April; this is the only pic I got:

Heading to early morning seminary:

Reggie enjoying FHE:

Heading to church:

Braces off! :

School concert and Zandra in the choir:

Refusing to get up:

Zandra’s dance show. She was awesome!!:

Screen shot of the school weekly update. Look who’s in it! :

Cherry Beach:

On the soccer sidelines for a tournament for Josh; so freezing!!! :

They came in 2nd:

May 24 fireworks. Gone are the days where the kids watch them with us:

Our regular sushi date on Wednesday nights:


Rob was away most of May and Reggie missed him and couldn’t get enough of him when he was home:

Josh’s soccer team BBQ:

Trying to beat his coach Marko in basketball:

Leftover from Cambodia; driving on the wrong side of the road?!

Zach and friends heading to the Athletic’s banquet (Zach won MVP for the soccer team!!) :

I came home and wondered if my brother was visiting?! Rob had been golfing and the boys were practicing inside! :

Soccer Sam! Soccer season is in full swing! :

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