CDF 24 hours 

I’m getting a glimpse of our future life; the one where I am the crazy Mom who obsesses about having all her children together under one roof for a meal.

Because that’s what I’ve become.

We arrived home from our getaway with Sam and Josh and quickly started unpacking and getting laundry going! I sent Gabe a text to let him know we were home and he was nearby and home in 5 min. (I laughed because I also sent him this pic suggesting he come help unpack (I was kidding) and he was there 5 min later  (but hadn’t received the picture):

Rob’s bag had never made it home from Edmonton last week with him but they delivered it to our neighbors while he was gone. Phew. So happy to add that laundry to the pile too.

The boys quickly unpacked and decided to go on a biking adventure. The littles are loving having Gabe around and he’s being such an awesome big brother with them! He took some hilarious video of Sam getting stuck going up a mud hill and sent me these pics:

That night we headed out for icecream and saw an incredible sunset (well bits of it; hard with all the trees and buildings!) 

The next day we did the usual run around and then got excited for Zandra coming home! Her leader (my good friend Julie) had sent me this pic of her at camp :

We were super excited to get this girl home and hear about her fun adventures! 

That evening we sat outside and caught up more with Gabe and enjoyed the new set up in our backyard:

(Yup that’s me lying on the couch on my phone checking flight updates for Zachs flight home!!)

I had heard from Zach finally at 5pm via text and he called when he got to his gate in LAX. I was so excited to hear his voice! Within the first few seconds I could tell that this trip had been a life changing one that he will always remember.

His flight was scheduled to arrive at 1:30am, but was late and landed at 2:50am! But by 3:30 he came out! (Rob and Gabe were there too and took most of the pics except for 1 (the one from a different angle!)

^^^ ok I know that is a terrible picture of me but it shows how crazy happy I was to see him! 

He was awesome. Had the most incredible time. Ever. Best 2.5 weeks of his life. 

We all ended up getting up for church, as exhausted as we all were! But, it was Sam’s first time to pass the sacrament, and Zach’s to bless (you have to be 12 to pass and 16 to bless) so they wanted to go. It was so beautiful to have all 4 boys together and partake of that sacred ordinance for us.

We headed off for church (and they all indulged me with pictures):

I know. Crazy Mom.

Here’s a glimpse of them before the meeting:

^^^Sam’s on a lower step. He’s not that short!!

So happy to get my girl back too (even though we talked and texted while she was at camp — just that little bit of contact is so helpful,  I have learned!!!)

(And as an update… Zach did have technical issues with his email, but had sent us one using a leader’s email, but we never got it!)

It was “testimony meeting”  at church (which means there is no set service, people just go up and share their thoughts/feelings/testimony if they want.) It’s not a common thing for Rob and me to do, but we both did, as did Zach. He shared the most beautiful thoughts and testimony and I will jot them down in my personal journal to remember forever.

The afternoon we had FHE which we spent hearing about some of Zach’s trip and seeing some pics.

(Side note: Let’s take a look at our new set up:)

 Later on I spent more time with Zach and went through his travel journal (he is an awesome recorder and writer). He shared some souvenirs, including my fave:

It has become tradition that when  he goes away without me, he brings me back a nativity. I have some cool ones as he goes to some cool places without me!!!

He also brought back a hammock, which he is working hard at either figuring out how to hang it in his room (not going to happen) or how to convince us to pay for a hammock stand (he’s working on it…)!

It was so awesome to have all these guys together and share so many laughs! There is no place I’d rather be then with them (even when they drive me crazy). We are so so blessed to have the best family!

Love you all more! 


CDF 24 hours  — 2 Comments

  1. I used to joke that my parents couldn’t wait to have the five of us finally out of the house!
    Now I realize they probably felt like you do! And how awesome/rare it is to have us all under the same roof.
    Of course now we bring cute grandkids so everyone wins!

  2. It’s been too long since I’ve visited you here, Leah – your kids are so grownup! I loved catching up on your busy and travel-filled summer. Enjoy having everyone home!

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