Monthly Snaps of Life 

It has been a busy summer. I have captured some of the main events in some separate posts, but there’s still a lot more to capture about what happened in the month of August! 

I got a few more pics of Zandra at camp. She had an awesome time:We had a few more city sunsets:Zandra had our favourite gal Emma come and stay for a few days. I had to get them to send me pictures as I barely saw them!! They went to Canada’s Wonderland, downtown shopping and out and about in our neighborhood. We had another super fun visitor, Shannon. Gabe and Shannon met at BYUI and then he had spent a week with her in her hometown in Colorado when school ended. It then only seemed fair that she come for a hometown visit here! We loved having her around. They went on a fancy date one night:

We got our family photos done one night (can’t wait to see those!), and Shannon was a trooper and watched all the excitement around that:But not to fear, Shannon and Gabe were in their own little world too so maybe she didn’t notice all the shenanigans …Insert Zach:We went on a family walk to the Brickworks:We enjoyed our new fire table and smores:And enjoyed having Sam in the front seat, and getting some soccer awards at camp:Somehow Zach’s hammock from Ecuador made it up to his room (which was a disaster as it housed everyone while Emma and Shannon were here): We had some nice family meals:And enjoyed a lot of Reggie love:While I was at YLC with the 3 middle guys, Rob hung out with these two and they went to the air museum:Rob had to go back to Edmonton and at the last minute I decided to take Zach and Josh to see Coldplay. Don’t let their distressed faces fool you, they were raised on Coldplay and loved  every minute. Who better to see a concert with then your Mom?! Right?? It was awesome:The dramatic faces ^^^Oops… I caught them enjoying themselves! That seems to be a wrap for now…


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