Quote of the Week

“In your moments of decision, is where your destiny is shaped” Tony Robbins

I know I’ve harped on this one with my kids for years; they are sick of hearing it.

But really, who can argue with Tony Robbins? Who would want to argue with him? I shudder at the thought.

It doesn’t hurt that Thomas S. Monson back in the 70’s coined, “Decisions determine destiny.” (Sorry, Tony, I think he beat ya to it)

And you definitely don’t want to argue with that man. He’d love you to death.

My kids are pretty sick of hearing how what you do now, impacts you later. Your choices now, will either open or close doors later.

I heard another quote that I LOVED:

“Easy choices now, hard life later. Hard choices now, easy life later.”

It may not always hold true, but I sure have found it pretty darn accurate in my life.

(But,  I also think it’s a good idea to make some easy choices now too! It needs to be a balance…)

Happy decision making!


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